With changing global dynamics, international political landscape evolves continuously. Therefore, development of fresh understanding and building of new knowledge are warranted. In pursuit of this objective the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR) plans to provide, a one of its kind of interactive platform, named Globe 2020 A series of discourses on contemporary global as well as regional issues with greater politico-strategic and socio-economic impact. The idea is to bring intellectuals and experts of the fields on one table to acquire their valuable opinions through intensive interactive sessions. Additionally, the IICR aims at drawing inferences from these sittings to formulate recommendations for public and policy makers in the best interest of people and states and for regional peace and stability. Globe 2020 comprises number of sessions, each highlighting a specific issue. Due to COVID-19 IICR has converted the planned Discourses into Series of Webinars. The First Session: “CPEC At the New Crossroads” was conducted on May 1, 2020. The second in the series: “India’s Malevolence The Regional Peace” was conducted on 5th June 2020.